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Direct Client and Family Supports

Programs targeted to offer a broad range of social services delivered directly to enrolled or specifically identified clients.


Citizenship Programs For the purpose of enabling Massachusetts legal permanent residents to become naturalized citizens of the U.S. through a network of community based organizations that provide English instruction, civics classes, application assistance, interview preparation, and additional support services to aspiring applicants.
Committed Youth Services For the purpose of providing case management and supervision to committed youth to facilitate and support transition and re-integration to their communities.
Community Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing For the purpose of providing services to deaf and hard of hearing infants, children, and adults and their families who are eligible to receive case management services on a voluntary basis including adult case management and family and children's case coordination, in collaboration with other state agencies.
Family Autism Services for Children For the purpose of providing supports to help children with autism remain in their homes and actively participate in their families and communities. The Autism Waiver provides one-to-one behavioral, social and communication based interventions through a service called Expanded Habilitation Education.
Mental Health Programs for Individuals For the purpose of providing support to individuals with serious mental illness or emotional disturbance, as well as their family and caregivers, through training, continuing education, consultation, direct client assessment, individual service plan development, and referrals to appropriate services and providers.
Pediatric Palliative Care For the purpose of improving the quality of life for children with life-limiting illness and their families by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Services are usually provided in the home and include pain/symptom management, case management, counseling, respite, advanced care planning, and spiritual care.
Services for Victims of Violence For the purpose of improving the criminal justice system's response to violence against individuals using a partnership of law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and non-profit victims programs.
Services to Support Families For the purpose of providing community-based services to children and families to prevent the removal of children from their home or to reduce the time children spend in placement.
Social Workers and Case Management For the purpose of supporting caseworkers who work directly with clients to assist them in accessing appropriate programs in a timely manner including assessing families' strengths and needs and working with families towards achieving targeted goals.
Women, Child, and Family Health Supports For the purpose of improving health outcomes for women, infants, children, and families, including home visits for high-need families, promoting quality maternal and infant care, building early childhood systems of care, and reducing childhood injuries and violence.

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