Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Community Prevention, Screening, and Public Health Services

Programs targeted to offer preventative health, state laboratory and environmental health and inspection services, education and awareness opportunities, and lead prevention and other community prevention programs.


Community & School-based Health Centers For the purpose of promoting primary care access, identifying healthcare delivery system gaps, ensuring recruitment and retention of health care professionals in underserved areas, and facilitating healthcare partnerships.
Environmental Health For the purpose of providing environmental health assessments to address community concerns about environmental exposure, conduct health surveillance activities, and provide regulatory programs that ensure compliance with standards for radiation control, community sanitation, food safety, and prevention of childhood lead poisoning.
Food Safety For the purpose of ensuring the wholesomeness, safety, and security of food and other consumer products through conducting inspections, collecting samples, leading special investigations, responding to consumer complaints and food-borne illness reports, and conducting vulnerability assessments of food manufacturers and distributors.
Health Care Safety and Quality Assurance For the purpose of ensuring the safe care of patients through the licensing of health care facilities and health professionals, facility surveys and inspections, and the review and investigation of consumer complaints regarding health care facilities and health professionals.
Health Emergency Preparedness and Response For the purpose of addressing public health security and all-hazards preparedness and response activities in partnership with local public health organizations, hospitals, community health centers, emergency medical services, and organizations serving vulnerable populations.
Health Information, Research, and Evaluation For the purpose of monitoring emerging health trends; tracking of statistics on births, deaths, cancers, violence, injuries, birth defects, occupational safety and other health surveillance; surveying of adults and children about health behaviors; issuance of copies of vital records; and interpretation and dissemination of reports and research.
Health Professional Licensure and Enforcement For the purpose of licensing health care professionals through regulatory boards which establish rules and regulations to ensure that only qualified applicants are licensed, and which adjudicate complaints, and impose disciplinary actions to protect the public.
Health Promotion / Prevention Screening Services For the purpose of providing preventive screenings and health education for communities with high prevalence of chronic diseases using evidence-based interventions to promote health and wellness and ensure health equity.
HIV Treatment and Prevention For the purpose of providing clinical and community-based services to help residents avoid HIV infection, learn their HIV status, and, for HIV+ persons, access medical care and related social services to reduce HIV transmission and maintain optimal health.
Infectious Disease, Prevention, and Response For the purpose of providing epidemiologic tracking, behavioral and biomedical prevention, and preventive treatment of infections associated with human diseases including immunization, infection control measures, coordination with local health agents and clinicians, and analysis of disease trends.
Positive Youth Development For the purpose of implementing a comprehensive approach to youth violence prevention grounded in a framework that addresses risk and protective factors, including connection to healthy adult, family, education and employment supports, trauma and bereavement services, and afterschool activities.
Public Health Laboratory Services For the purpose of testing and surveillance activities targeted at sexually transmitted diseases, chemical illness/poisoning, food-borne illness, tuberculosis, viral illness, rabies, influenza and mosquito borne illness.
Healthy Workforce Programs For the purpose of increasing workplace wellness activities in small business settings through health insurance premium rebates contingent upon successfully promoting and adopting evidence-based wellness activities.
Substance Abuse, Gambling and Tobacco Prevention and Intervention For the purpose of prevention and cessation of substance abuse, gambling and the use of tobacco products, with the goal of changing community norms, including public education campaigns, alcohol and tobacco compliance checks at retail outlets and drug overdose prevention efforts.
Suicide Prevention For the purpose of reducing the number of suicides and suicide attempts through support to community agencies, education and training for professionals and caregivers, and funding programs for youth, veterans and older adults.
Teen Pregnancy Prevention For the purpose of promoting behavior change for at-risk youth to support delayed onset of premature sexual activity among adolescents, reducing rates of youth engaging in risk behaviors and decreased incidence of teen births, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV infection.

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