Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Parks and Recreation

Programs targeted to operate and improve public parks and recreational facilities along with their associated services.


Fishing and Boating Access For the purpose of providing boat, canoe and fishing pier access sites on inland and coastal waters, great ponds and rivers in Massachusetts.
Parks and Recreation Public Safety For the purpose of providing lifeguard and emergency services at pools, wading pools, spray decks, beaches, and inland ponds which the Commonwealth operates including providing security at the Massachusetts Statehouse and other park facilities.
Parks Management and Operations For the purpose of managing the Commonwealth's state park system including forests, parks, greenways, historic sites and landscapes, seashores, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and watersheds.
Preservation of Historic Resources For the purpose of preserving historically significant buildings, cemeteries, and landscapes.
Recreational Facilities and Services For the purpose of operating state-owned golf courses, aquatic facilities, ice skating rinks, and recreation complexes and managing playgrounds, baseball fields, tennis courts and basketball courts in state parks.

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