Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Energy Policy and Sustainability

Programs targeted to promote responsible energy policy and usage including investments in facilities remediation and renewable energy.


Energy Conservation and Efficiency For the purpose of developing and overseeing strategies to assist residents and businesses to save energy and manage costs, while growing the economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy Markets For the purpose of assessing energy market operations, implementing effective policies to improve the resiliency of critical energy infrastructures, and providing information to the public and stakeholders.
Energy Policy Development For the purpose of establishing policies to support the emergence of clean energy technologies, businesses, and jobs in the Commonwealth.
Energy Resource Assessment For the purpose of collecting assessments on electric and gas investor-owned utilities.
Facilities Remediation for Reduced Energy Consumption For the purpose of performing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on state facilities.
Renewable Energy For the purpose of increasing the contribution of renewable and alternative energy to the Commonwealth's electricity supply through the implementation of the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard programs.

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