Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Housing and Community Development

Programs targeted to ensure the availability of public and affordable housing including emergency and specialty housing services to individuals and families in need.


Affordable Housing Development For the purpose of subsidizing and assisting developers who produce and preserve privately-owned affordable housing in the Commonwealth including augmenting state subsidy programs, federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOPE VI and CHOICE Neighborhoods programs that rebuild federally owned public housing developments.
Community Development and Stabilization For the purpose of supporting physical planning for Massachusetts neighborhoods, cities, towns and regions while investing in communities, community-action services and operations that serve low-income residents of the Commonwealth.
Dormitory Services for Veterans For the purpose of providing staffed beds in a safe and secure community environment for veterans in need including access and referral to support services, medical care, nutritional services under the supervision of on-site physicians, registered nurses, licensed social workers, and case managers working in collaboration with the federal Veterans Administration.
Emergency Housing Assistance For the purpose of providing stabilization services to prevent homelessness, provide emergency shelter, and assist individuals and families in securing permanent housing; including advocacy, information, referral, career counseling, and education services.
Public Housing Construction For the purpose of funding the construction, renovation, capital improvement, and deferred maintenance of the Commonwealth's public housing network.
Public Housing Operations and Maintenance For the purpose of providing housing in units that are managed by Public Housing Authorities for the Commonwealth's most vulnerable residents, including low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities.
Rental Assistance For the purpose of administering voucher programs for persons of low income to rent apartments that are not in public housing developments, including the Federal Section 8 Choice Voucher program, Massachusetts Rental Voucher program, and the Alternative Housing Voucher program for persons with disabilities.

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