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  1. State Finance and Governance Oversight Board
  2. Secretary Performance Management Programs
  3. Improve Services to Children, Youth and Families
  4. Superintendent Responsible for State House Only
  5. Transfer State Lab from DPH to State Police
  6. Changes to Present Tax Laws
  7. Extend Property Tax Exemption for Gold Star Surviving Spouses
  8. Expand Bottle Bill
  9. Restrict Funeral Expense Payments
  10. Criminal Defendant Indigency Verification-- Require Data Match
  11. Extend Authority to Terminate and Renegotiate Leases
  12. Postpone Regional Transit Authority Forward Funding
  13. Allow Medical Security Trust Fund Deficit for Fiscal Year 2013
  14. Expenditures from Fiscal Year 2012 Surplus
  15. Extend Authorization to Transfer Trust Balances
  16. Inspector General's Health Safety Net Audit Unit
  17. Nursing Home Assessment
  18. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  19. Personnel Cost Savings
  20. Stabilization Fund Transfers
  21. Suspension of Tourism Formula
  22. UMass/Health and Human Services Interagency Service Agreements
  23. Authority to Restructure MassHealth Benefits
  24. Initial Gross Payments to Qualifying Acute Care Hospitals
  25. MassHealth and CommCare Dental Coverage
  26. Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year
  27. Community College Reform
  28. Effective Date