Budget Downloads

Budget Data:

Section Excel
Appropriation Recommendations house1.xls
Local Aid Distribution sect3.xls
Historical Spending h1spend.xls
Historical Budget h1gaa.xls
FY13 Budget Comparison fy13_compare.xls

Budget Documents:

Section PDF

Volume 1:


  Cover and Navigation Guide fy13h2_vol1_cov.pdf
  Budget Message fy13h2_vol1_msg.pdf
  Issues in Brief fy13h2_vol1_briefs.pdf
  Budget Recommendations and Outside Sections Summary fy13h2_vol1_sum.pdf
  Aid to Cities and Towns fy13h2_vol1_locaid.pdf  
  Capital Budget and Debt fy13h2_vol1_cap.pdf

Volume 2:


  Budget Development h2fy13vol2_buddev.pdf
  Financial Statements h2fy13vol2_finstate.pdf
  Appropriation Recommendations h2fy13vol2_rec.pdf
  Operating Transfers h2fy13vol2_transfer.pdf
  Local Aid h2fy13vol2_locaid.pdf  
  Outside Sections h2fy13vol2_os.pdf
  Tax Expenditure Budget fy13vol2_7teb.pdf
  Economic Overview Economic Overview
  Glossary h213vol2_glossary.pdf