Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2012

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2012

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Personal Income Tax - All Detail

Fiscal Year 2012 Personal Income Tax (in Millions)


1.000 - Exclusions from Gross Income 2,933.4 3,200.2 3,421.6
1.100 - Deferrals of Gross Income 891.0 1,016.1 1,164.2
1.200 - Deductions from Gross Income 4.2 4.3 4.5
1.300 - Accelerated Deductions from Gross Income 98.9 103.7 91.6
1.400 - Deductions from Adjusted Gross Income 772.2 791.5 813.0
1.600 - Credits Against Tax 213.6 210.2 223.1


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Exclusions from Gross Income 2,933.4 3,200.2 3,421.6

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item description amount
Exclusions from Gross Income 3,421.6
1.001 Exemption of Premiums on Accident and Accidental Death Insurance 1 22.6
1.002 Exemption of Premiums on Group-Term Life Insurance 1 10.7
1.003 Exemption of Interest on Life Insurance Policy and Annuity Cash Value 207.8
1.004 Exemption of Employer Contributions for Medical Insurance Premiums and Medical Care 1 802.8
1.005 Exemption of Annuity or Pension Payments to Fire and Police Personnel N.A.
1.006 Exemption of Distributions from Certain Contributory Pension and Annuity Plans 2 277.8
1.007 Exemption of Railroad Retirement Benefits 4.4
1.008 Exemption of Public Assistance Benefits 204.8
1.009 Exemption of Social Security Benefits 831.6
1.010 Exemption of Workers' Compensation Benefits 6.1
1.011 Exemption for Dependent Care Expenses 1 8.3
1.012 Exemption of Certain Foster Care Payments 3.1
1.013 Exemption of Payments Made to Coal Miners Negligible
1.014 Exemption of Rental Value of Parsonages 1 2.8
1.015 Exemption of Scholarships and Fellowships 20.6
1.016 Exemption of Certain Prizes and Awards N.A.
1.017 Exemption of Cost-Sharing Payments Negligible
1.018 Exemption of Meals and Lodging Provided at Work 1 6.9
1.019 Treatment of Business-Related Entertainment Expenses 1 N.A.
1.020 Exemption of Income from the Sale, Lease, or Transfer of Certain Patents N.A.
1.021 Exemption of Capital Gains on Home Sales 220.4
1.022 Nontaxation of Capital Gains at Death 559.1
1.023 Exemption of Interest from Massachusetts Obligations 89.7
1.024 Exemption of Benefits and Allowances to Armed Forces Personnel 1 28.9
1.025 Exemption of Veterans' Pensions, Disability Compensation and G.I. Benefits 30.1
1.026 Exemption of Military Disability Pensions 0.6
1.027 Exemption of Compensation to Massachusetts-Based Nonresident Military Personnel 9.0
1.028 Exemption for Taxpayers Killed in Military Action or by Terrorist Activity N.A.
1.029 Exemption for Retirement Pay of the Uniformed Services 25.2
1.030 Parking, T-Pass and Vanpool Fringe Benefits 39.5
1.031 Health Savings Accounts Included in 1.422
1.032 Employer-Provided Adoption Assistance $0.0
1.033 Employer-Provided Educational Assistance 8.6
1.034 Qualified Retirement Planning Services N.A.
1.035 Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Plan N.A.
1.036 Survivor Annuities of Fallen Public Safety Officers N.A.
1.037 Survivor Annuities of Fallen Astronauts N.A.
1.038 Discharge of Indebtedness for Victims of Terrorism N.A.
1.039 Discharge of Indebtedness for Health Care Professionals Negligible
1.040 Archer Medical Savings Accounts Included in 1.420


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Deferrals of Gross Income 891.0 1,016.1 1,164.2

item description amount
Deferrals of Gross Income 1,164.2
1.101 Net Exemption of Employer Contributions and Earnings of Private Pension Plans 2 818.2
1.102 Treatment of Incentive Stock Options N.A.
1.103 Exemption of Earnings on Stock Bonus Plans or Profit Sharing Trusts N.A.
1.104 Exemption of Earnings on IRA and Keogh Plans 2 283.4
1.105 Deferral of Capital Gains on Home Sales N.A.
1.106 Nontaxation of Capital Gains at the Time of Gift 62.6


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Deductions from Gross Income 4.2 4.3 4.5

item description amount
Deductions from Gross Income 4.5
1.201 Capital Gains Deduction N.A.
1.202 Deduction of Capital Losses Against Interest and Dividend Income N.A.
1.203 Excess Natural Resource Depletion Allowance 0.3
1.204 Abandoned Building Renovation Deduction 4.2


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Accelerated Deductions from Gross Income 98.9 103.7 91.6

item description amount
Accelerated Deductions from Gross Income 91.6
1.301 Accelerated Depreciation on Rental Housing 21.2
1.302 Accelerated Depreciation for Rehabilitation of Low-Income Housing N.A.
1.303 Accelerated Depreciation on Buildings (other than Rental Housing) 5.7
1.304 Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS) for Equipment 45.9
1.305 Deduction for Excess First-Year Depreciation 12.2
1.306 Five-Year Amortization of Business Start-Up Costs 5.0
1.307 Five-Year Amortization of Certain Operating Rights N.A.
1.308 Expensing Exploration and Development Costs Negligible
1.309 Expensing Research and Development Expenditures in One Year 1.2
1.310 Five-Year Amortization of Pollution Control Facilities N.A.
1.311 Seven-Year Amortization for Reforestation N.A.
1.312 Expensing Certain Capital Outlays of Farmers 0.3


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Deductions from Adjusted Gross Income 772.2 791.5 813.0

item description amount
Deductions from Adjusted Gross Income 813.0
1.401 Deduction for Employee Social Security and Railroad Retirement Payments 303.7
1.402 Deduction for Employee Contributions to Public Pension Plans 2 N.A.
1.403 Additional Exemption for the Elderly 26.0
1.404 Additional Exemption for the Blind 1.3
1.405 Dependents Exemption Where the Child Earns Income 3 N.A.
1.406 Deduction for Dependents Under 12 139.0
1.407 Personal Exemption for Students Age 19 or Over 9.8
1.408 Deduction for Adoption Fees 0.5
1.409 Deduction for Business-Related Child Care Expenses 15.7
1.410 Exemption of Medical Expenses 68.1
1.411 Rent Deduction 120.7
1.412 Nontaxation of Charitable Purpose Income of Trustees, Executors or Administrators N.A.
1.413 Exemption of Interest on Savings in Massachusetts Banks 5.2
1.414 Tuition Deduction (Over 25% of Income) 35.2
1.415 Charitable Contributions Tax Deduction N.A.
1.416 Educators' Deduction Expired
1.417 Home Heating Fuel Deduction Expired
1.418 Deduction for Costs Involved in Unlawful Discrimination Suits N.A.
1.419 Business Expenses of National Guard and Reserve Members Negligible
1.420 Archer Medical Savings Accounts Negligible
1.421 Deduction for Clean-Fuel Vehicles and Certain Refueling Property Negligible
1.422 Health Savings Accounts 9.4
1.423 Commuter Deduction 6.6
1.424 Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction 45.3
1.425 Student Interest Loan Deduction (allowed Federally or by Massachusetts) 26.3


Fiscal Year 2012 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Credits Against Tax 213.6 210.2 223.1

item description amount
Credits Against Tax 223.1
1.601 Renewable Energy Source Credit 1.4
1.602 Credit for Removal of Lead Paint 3.2
1.603 EDIP/Economic Opportunity Area Credit & Enhanced Economic Opportunity Area Credit 3.3
1.604 Credit for Employing Former Full-Employment Program Participants 0.2
1.605 Earned Income Credit 117.7
1.606 Septic System Repair Credit 14.9
1.607 Low Income Housing Tax Credit 1.0
1.608 Brownfields Credit 0.9
1.609 Refundable State Tax Credit Against Property Taxes for Seniors ("Circuit Breaker") 73.8
1.610 Historic Buildings Rehabilitation Credit 2.5
1.611 Film (or Motion Picture) Credit 2.1
1.612 Home Energy-Efficiency Tax Credit Expired
1.613 Medical Device User Fee Credit 0.4
1.614 Dairy Farmer Tax Credit 1.8


IRCFederal Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C.)
U.S.C United States Code
M.G.L. Massachusetts General Laws
Rev. Rul.; C.B. Revenue Ruling; Cumulative Bulletin of the U.S. Treasury
ESTIMATES All estimates are in $ millions.


1 1 This item and others citing this endnote cover employee fringe benefits. We accept as standard the following treatment of these benefits: the expense incurred by the employer in providing the benefit is properly deductible as a business expense and the benefit is taxed as compensation to the employee as if the employee had received taxable compensation and then used it to purchase the benefit. Of course, there are problems with this analysis. In some cases, the "benefit" is more a condition of employment than a true benefit. For example, a teacher required to have lunch in the school cafeteria may prefer to eat elsewhere even if the school lunch is free. On the other hand, in many cases the provision of tax-free employee benefits is clearly a substitution for taxable compensation.

2 2 This item and others citing this endnote cover contributory pension plans. The standard tax treatment of these plans is as follows: Component Standard Treatment Contributions: Made out of income that is currently taxed to employees. Investment Income: Taxed to the employee as "earned" income. Distributions from Pension Funds: Tax-free to the extent they are made out of dollars previously taxed to the employees as contributions or investment income. The non-standard treatment of contributions, investment income, or distributions as described in items 1.006, 1.101, 1.104, and 1.402, results in either nontaxation or deferrals of tax.

3 3 FY12 estimates for the basic personal exemptions and the no-tax status discussed in the introduction to the personal income tax are (in millions of dollars): Personal exemption for single taxpayers: $304 Personal exemption for married couples: $540 Personal exemption for married taxpayers filing separately: $14 Dependents exemption: $94 Personal exemption for heads of households: $100 No tax status/Limited income credits: $31 It should be noted that Chapter 186 of the Acts of 2002 reduced personal exemptions for tax year by 25% from their 2001 levels effective in tax year 2002; one-quarter of this reduction was restored effective tax year 2005, with additional one-quarter amounts restored in tax years 2006, 2007, and 2008. These changes in personal exemptions are reflected in the estimates above.

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