Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2012

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2012

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Section 1B Non-Tax Revenue Detail - Administration and Finance Departmental Revenue

Program Area Unrestricted

Departmental Revenue
Deeds County Correction 22,861,986 0 22,861,986 Collects payments from county Registers of Deeds to the state of some portion of the deeds excise tax that are paid to their offices.
Fees 110,378,081 5,746,842 116,124,923 Includes tax appeals, civil service testing, and Registries of Deeds
Fines and Penalties 101,964 0 101,964 DOR late fees
Federal Grant 35,000,000 0 35,000,000 Collects reimbursements, up to $300K annually, to the General Fund for the administrative costs of providing oversight and coordination activities on behalf of federal grants received by the state across all state government.
Licenses and Permits 339,583 0 339,583 Cigarette and fuel licenses
Rents 16,433,856 16,804,730 33,238,586 Rents for state building space including the Transportation and Springfield office buildings
Sale of Goods 105,021 805,000 910,021 Division of Capital Assett and Management land sales
Special Assessments 75,556,688 1,043,566 76,600,254 Municipal assessments for the Elderly Government Retirees and Retired Muncipal Teachers programs
Unclaimed Deposits 57,574,004 0 57,574,004 Unclaimed bottle deposits
Miscellaneous 21,093,991 1,000,000 22,093,991 Includes tax revenue from auditors
Reimbursement for Services 430,708,350 608,000 431,316,350 Springfield and authorities to Group Insurance Commission
Other Sources 2,165,500 0 2,165,500 Collects proceeds paid to the Commonwealth to offset its costs related to the I-Cubed Assembly Square project.
Departmental Revenue Total 772,319,024 26,008,138 798,327,162  

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