Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2012

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2012

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0699-9100 - Short-Term Debt Service and Costs of Issuance

Account Description FY2011
House 1
0699-9100 Short-Term Debt Service and Costs of Issuance
For the payment of interest and issuance costs on bonds and bond and revenue anticipation notes and other notes under sections 47 and 49B of chapter 29 of the General Laws and for the payment to the United States under section 148 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 of any rebate amount or yield reduction payment owed with respect to any outstanding bonds or notes of the commonwealth; provided, that the treasurer shall certify to the comptroller a schedule of the distribution of costs among the various funds of the commonwealth; provided further, that the comptroller shall charge costs to the funds in accordance with the schedule; and provided further, that any deficit in this item at the close of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 shall be charged to the various funds or to the General Fund or Transportation Fund debt service reserves
66,791,390 27,916,605

Decreased funding to meet projected need.


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