Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2011

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2011

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Payments to MBTA and RTAs

SECTION 12.   Section 2ZZZ of chapter 29 of the General Laws, as appearing in section 1 of chapter 35 of the acts of 2009, is hereby amended by striking out subsection (d) and inserting in place thereof the following subsection: -

(d) The following amounts shall be transferred annually from the fund to the Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund, from which the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall pay not less than: (1) $160,000,000 to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or any fund controlled by the authority in each fiscal year; and (2) $15,000,000 to regional transit authorities organized under chapter 161B or predecessor statutes in each fiscal year

This section makes a technical correction to the transportation reform funding mechanism, allowing MassDOT to make annual payments to the MBTA and regional transit authorities.

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