Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2010

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2010

7010-0035 - Nutrition Programs

Account Description FY2009
House 1
7010-0035 Nutrition Programs
For nutrition programs including the Massachusetts emergency food assistance program and grants and reimbursements to cities and towns for the school lunch and breakfast programs; provided, that partial assistance shall be provided to furnish lunches to school children, including partial assistance outlined under chapter 538 of the acts of 1951 and to supplement funds allocated for the special milk program; provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the school lunch payments shall not exceed, in the aggregate, the required state revenue match contained in Public Law 79-396, as amended, cited as the National School Lunch Act and in the regulations implementing the act; provide further, that the school breakfast program shall include public and nonpublic schools, grants to improve summer food programs during the summer school vacation period and a supplement to the federally-funded school breakfast program; provided further, that all children in schools receiving funds under the breakfast supplement program shall be provided free, nutritious breakfasts at no cost to them; provided further, that breakfast shall be served during regular school hours; provided further, that participation in the supplement program shall be limited to those elementary schools mandated to serve breakfast under section 1C of chapter 69 of the General Laws, where 60 per cent of the students are eligible for free or reduced price meals under the federally-funded school meals program; and provided further, that not less than $2,011,060 shall be expended for the universal school breakfast program where all children in schools receiving funds under the program shall be provided free, nutritious breakfasts at no cost to them
0 10,812,964

Consolidated with 7051-0015, 7053-1909, and 7053-1925.


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