70619612 - Safe and Supportive Schools

Account Description FY2017
7061-9612 Safe and Supportive Schools
For the implementation of subsection (f) of section 1P of chapter 69 of the General Laws to create safe and supportive school environments; provided, that funds shall be expended for the safe and supportive schools grant program and for a full-time staff member devoted to carrying out the responsibilities as provided in said subsection (f) of said section 1P of said chapter 69; provided further, that funds shall be expended for statewide and regional conferences, expert technological assistance in upgrading the usability of the online self-assessment tool and an evaluation of the grant program; provided further, that grants shall be awarded to school and school district teams that create school-wide action plans based on all the elements of the safe and supportive schools framework and self-assessment tool; provided further, that grant awards shall be allocated by the department to schools and school districts by November 1, 2017; provided further, that not less than $100,000 shall be expended in order to leverage preexisting investments and establish an infrastructure to facilitate coordination of school and community based resources, including but not limited to social services, youth development, health and mental health resources; provided further that the safe and supportive schools commission shall make recommendations to the board of elementary and secondary education regarding ways to include in the self-assessment tool and framework principles of effective practice for integrating student supports not later than December 31, 2017; provided further, that districts shall create district plans that support recipient schools; and provided further, that any unexpended funds in this item shall not revert but shall be made available for the purposes of this item until June 30, 2019

271,649 500,000

Veto Explanation:   I am striking language which earmarks funding for a program not recommended, and I am reducing this item to an amount consistent with my House 1 recommendation.