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Budget Summary FY2018

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70619624 - School of Excellence
Data Current as of:  12/6/2017

Account Description FY2017
7061-9624 School of Excellence
For the School of Excellence program at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute; provided, that every effort shall be made to recruit and serve equal numbers of male and female students; provided further, that sending districts of students attending the Institute shall not be required to expend any funds for the cost of these students while in attendance at the Institute; provided further, that the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute shall provide professional development activities at the school located at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, including salary and benefits for teachers and visiting scholars; and provided further, that the academy shall file a report with the joint committee on education and the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than January 26, 2018 detailing the professional development activities
0 1,400,000