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Budget Summary FY2018

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03300300 - Administrative Staff
Data Current as of:  12/6/2017

Account Description FY2017
0330-0300 Administrative Staff
For the central administration of the trial court, including costs associated with trial court nonemployee services, dental and vision health plan agreements, jury expenses, law libraries, statewide telecommunications, private and municipal court rentals and leases, operation of courthouse facilities, rental of county court facilities, witness fees, printing expenses, equipment maintenance and repairs, the court interpreter program, insurance and chargeback costs, the Massachusetts sentencing commission, permanency mediation services, court security and judicial training; provided, that 50 per cent of all fees payable under rules 15(d) and 30(c)(8) of the Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure shall be paid from this item; provided further, that funds may be expended for training on domestic violence issues, the establishment of a domestic violence registry, evaluations of batterers' intervention programs and the risk assessment tool for domestic violence offenders under chapter 260 of the acts of 2014; provided further, that funds may be expended to provide information and assistance to self-represented litigants; provided further, that the trial court shall submit quarterly reports to the house and senate committees on ways and means on revenues collected in the trial court; provided further, that each report shall provide for the previous quarter for each court division and courthouse: (i) the total amount ordered in fees and fines; (ii) the total amount dismissed in fees and fines; (iii) the total amount paid in fees and fines; and (iv) the total amount outstanding in fees and fines; provided further, that notwithstanding section 9A of chapter 30 of the General Laws, or any other general or special law to the contrary, the rights afforded to a veteran, under said section 9A of said chapter 30, shall also be afforded to any such veteran who holds a trial court office or position in the service of the commonwealth not classified under chapter 31 of the General Laws, other than an elective office, an appointive office for a fixed term, or an office or position under section 7 of said chapter 30 and who: (a) has held the office or position for not less than 1 year; and (b) has 30 years of total creditable service to the commonwealth, as defined in chapter 32 of the General Laws; and provided further, that the court administrator shall submit a report to the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than January 26, 2018, that shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (1) the amount of money transferred from any item of appropriation; (2) the line item number of the appropriation making the transfer; (3) the line item number of the appropriation receiving the transfer; and (4) the reason for the necessity of the transfer
228,080,673 228,933,576