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Budget Summary FY2016

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08100021 - Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

Account Description FY2015
0810-0021 Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
For the operation of the Medicaid fraud control unit; provided, that the federal reimbursement for any expenditure from this item shall not be less than 75 per cent of the expenditure; provided further, that funds shall continue to be used specifically for the investigation and prosecution of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and misappropriation based on referrals from the department of public health pursuant to section 72H of chapter 111 of the General Laws; provided further, that the unit shall provide training for all investigators of the department of public health's division of health care quality responsible for the investigations on a periodic basis pursuant to a comprehensive training program to be developed by the division and the unit; and provided further, that training shall include instruction on techniques for improving the efficiency and quality of investigations of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and misappropriation pursuant to said section 72H of said chapter 111
3,903,878 4,050,000