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Budget Summary FY2016

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03391001 - Commissioner of Probation
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

Account Description FY2015
0339-1001 Commissioner of Probation
For the office of the commissioner of probation; provided, that the office shall enter into an interagency service agreement with the department of revenue to verify income data and to use the department's wage reporting and bank match system for the purpose of weekly tape-matching to determine an individual's eligibility for appointment of indigent counsel, as provided in chapter 211D of the General Laws; provided further, that funds may be expended for increased lab-based testing, oral toxicology tests and new urine tests to detect additional substances; provided further, that not less than $312,500 shall be expended for the research and development of a statistically valid pretrial risk assessment tool to inform pre-adjudication decision-making with regard to detention, release on personal recognizance or release under conditions of criminal defendants before the adult trial courts; provided further, that the funds shall be used to develop process documentation, training materials and costs of piloting of its implementation in several departments of the trial court; provided further, that the funds shall be made available on April 1, 2016; provided further, that funds from this item shall be expended for the costs associated with the full implementation of chapter 303 of the acts of 2006 and chapter 418 of the acts of 2006 to ensure effective supervision of probationers who are monitored through global positioning system bracelets; and provided further, that no funds shall be expended from this item to cover the costs of building leases
130,720,698 134,312,500