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Outside Section 98
Data Current as of:  10/17/2014

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Corporate returns combined filing I

SECTION 98.   Said chapter 62C is hereby further amended by inserting after section 11 the following section:-

Section 11A. In the case of 1 or more corporations that participate or are required to participate in a filing by means of a combined report under section 32B of chapter 63, the commissioner may treat the principal reporting corporation as the agent for all such corporations with respect to all notices and actions authorized or required by this chapter and said chapter 63, whether relating to the income measure or non-income measure of the corporate excise of any such corporation or to the minimum excise tax liability of any such corporation. Such notices and actions include, without limitation: (i) notices and actions associated with processes such as assessment of tax; (ii) execution of consents to extend the time for assessment of tax; (iii) abatements; (iv) hearing requests; (v) refunds; and (vi) collection activity. Nothing in this section shall preclude the commissioner from separately taking any such action or directing any notice to any individual corporation subject to tax under said chapter 63, even where such corporation participated in or was required to participate in the filing of a combined report. Under this chapter, the commissioner may collect any unpaid tax from any individual corporation participating or required to participate in a filing through the means of a combined report to the extent of the joint and several liability for such amount under subsection (e) of said section 32B of said chapter 63.