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Budget Summary FY2015

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20001709 - Aquaculture
Data Current as of:  10/17/2014

Account Description FY2014
2000-1709 Aquaculture
For the executive office of energy and environmental affairs, which shall apply $500,000 toward the acquisition in fee or restriction of a 30-acre parcel of real property, more or less, in the town of Dennis, bounded by Chapin Beach road and Chase Garden creek which property is currently comprised of 40 acres, more or less, and is utilized by the Aquaculture Research Corporation; provided, that a 10-acre parcel, more or less, shall be subdivided and remain in use for active aquaculture; and provided further, that the 30-acre parcel, more or less, may be acquired by grant to a state agency, a nonprofit corporation or a municipality for conservation purposes to be protected under Article 97 of the Articles of Amendments to the Constitution
0 500,000