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Budget Summary FY2015

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15991301 - Program Evaluation Reserve
Data Current as of:  10/17/2014

Account Description FY2014
1599-1301 Program Evaluation Reserve
For an independent program evaluation reserve; provided, that the funds appropriated in this item shall be used to evaluate the safe and successful youth initiative funded through item 4000-0005 and programs for English language learners in gateway cities funded through item 7009-6400; provided further, that each program shall maintain the same independent evaluator as in fiscal year 2014 or select an evaluator in a manner consistent with section 193 of chapter 38 of the acts of 2013; and provided further, that the funds appropriated in this item in fiscal year 2015 shall not revert but shall be made available for these purposes through June 30, 2016
300,000 500,000