70350002 - Adult Basic Education

Account Description FY2013
7035-0002 Adult Basic Education
For the provision and improvement of adult basic education services, including reading, writing and mathematics; provided, that grants shall be distributed to a diverse network of organizations which have demonstrated commitment and effectiveness in the provision of the services and that are selected competitively by the department of elementary and secondary education; provided further, that not less than $150,000 shall be expended for Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston, Inc. to provide basic workforce and skills training, employment services and job re-entry support to older workers; provided further, that the grants shall support the successful transition of students from other adult basic education programs to community college certificate and degree-granting programs; provided further, that the grants shall be contingent upon satisfactory levels of performance as defined and determined by the department; provided further, the department may prioritize entities that received grant funding for English Language Learners in fiscal year 2012; provided further, that grants shall not be considered an entitlement to a grant recipient; and provided further, that the department shall consult with the community colleges and other service providers in establishing and implementing content, performance and professional standards for adult basic education programs and services; and provided further, that no funds shall be expended for personnel costs at the department of elementary and secondary education
30,174,160 30,174,160