70009501 - Public Libraries Local Aid

Account Description FY2013
7000-9501 Public Libraries Local Aid
For state aid to public libraries; provided, that no city or town shall receive funds from this item in any year when the appropriation of the city or town for free public library services is below an amount equal to 102.5 per cent of the average of the appropriations for free public library service for the 3 years immediately preceding; provided further, that the board of library commissioners may grant waivers in excess of the waiver limit set forth in the second paragraph of section 19A of chapter 78 of the General Laws in fiscal year 2014 for a period of not more than 1 year; provided further, that of the amount by which this item exceeds the amount appropriated in chapter 194 of the acts of 1998, funds shall be distributed under the guidelines of the municipal equalization grant program, the library incentive grant program and the nonresident circulation offset program; and provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, any payment made from this item shall be deposited with the treasurer of the city or town and held in a separate account and shall be expended by the public library of that city or town without appropriation
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