40000950 - Children's Behavioral Health Initiative

Account Description FY2013
4000-0950 Children's Behavioral Health Initiative
For administrative and program expenses associated with the children's behavioral health initiative, in accordance with the settlement agreement in the case of Rosie D. v. Romney, 410 F.Supp.2d 18 (D.Mass 2006), to provide comprehensive, community-based behavioral health services to children suffering from severe emotional disturbances; provided, that funds may be expended from this item for health care services provided to these persons in prior fiscal years; provided further, that the secretary of health and human services shall report biannually to the house and senate committees on ways and means relative to implementation of the initiative; provided further, that such biannual reports shall include, but not be limited to, details of the implementation plan, results of the scheduled plan to date, including a schedule detailing commencement of services and associated costs by service type, an analysis of compliance with the terms of the settlement agreement to date, a detailed itemization of services and service utilization by service type, geographical location and the age of the member receiving the service, data detailing the time that elapses between a member's request for services and commencement of an initial assessment for services, the time to complete the initial assessment and the time that elapses between initial assessment for services and commencement of services and a quarterly update of whether projected expenditures are likely to exceed the amount appropriated herein; provided further, that any unexpended balance in this item shall revert to the General Fund on June, 30, 2014; and provided further, that funds shall not be transferred from this item without notifying the house and senate committees on ways and means not less than 30 days prior to such a transfer
179,743,708 203,200,101