15997105 - Automated External Defibrillators

Account Description FY2013
1599-7105 Automated External Defibrillators
For a reserve for 1-time grants for the purchase of automated external defibrillators; provided, that applicants may include municipalities and school districts, including regional school districts, for use in schools, senior centers and senior housing complexes; provided further, that grants shall be made available in the form of 50 per cent matching grants to be administered by the executive office of public safety and security; provided further, that grants may include matching funds for training in the use of the equipment and cardiopulmonary resuscitations; provided further, that local matching funds may be provided through the municipality or school district by local appropriation or through donations from nonprofit organizations or individual, corporate or foundation gifts; and provided further, that nothing in this item shall limit the ability of the executive office of public safety and security to obtain the equipment through a bulk purchase arrangement to maximize the number of grants that may be made with these funds
0 250,000