15990500 - Early Education and Care Consultant

Account Description FY2013
1599-0500 Early Education and Care Consultant
For a 2-year assessment of the provision of childcare supports funded in items 3000-3050, 3000-4050, 3000-4060 and 3000-4070; provided, that the assessment shall be directed by a nonprofit research organization with demonstrated experience assessing the business practices, service delivery and financial systems of state-subsidized childcare programs; provided further, that the goals of the assessment shall be: (a) to identify ways to improve the regional and statewide efficiency of the distribution of state-supported childcare; (b) to analyze the childcare needs of eligible families with regard to the availability of childcare vouchers or contracted childcare slots in different geographic regions of the commonwealth; and (c) to evaluate the balance of providing quality early childhood education with providing workforce support for guardians; provided further, that the assessment shall include: (a) an initial planning stage which shall, through interviews with key childcare stakeholders, develop a scope of inquiry and research design; (b) a review of policies and practices that may result in programmatic inefficiencies in eligibility determination and verification of eligibility; (c) an assessment of current business practices and service delivery that could be improved upon to more efficiently use annual appropriations; and (d) a review of the childcare needs of families eligible for services in said items 3000-3050, 3000-4050, 3000-4060 and 3000-4070 and the ability of the existing state-subsidized childcare program structures to meet those needs; provided further, that the nonprofit organization directing the assessment may partner with other entities with expertise in state-subsidized childcare systems in order to complete all aspects of the assessment; provided further, that the department of early education and care shall develop a request for proposal for a nonprofit research organization based upon the criteria included in this line item not later than August 15, 2013 and shall select the nonprofit research organization not later than October 1, 2013; provided further, that prior to selecting an organization to conduct this assessment, the department of early education and care shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means on the selection process; provided further, that the organization conducting the assessment shall provide to the house and senate committees on ways and means not later than March 3, 2014, a report on the progress to date, obstacles encountered and preliminary findings; and provided further, that any unexpended funds appropriated for this item in fiscal year 2014 shall not revert but shall be made available for purposes of this item until June 30, 2015
0 500,000