15956368 - Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund

Account Description FY2013
1595-6368 Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund
For an operating transfer to the Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund, established pursuant to section 4 of chapter 6C of the General Laws; provided, that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall expend not less than $80,000,000 to complete forward funding of regional transit authorities; provided further, that the MassDOT highway division shall restore a crosswalk located on Main street in the Town of Boylston; provided further, that $194,364 shall be expended to ensure continued operation of job access transportation services provided by the Berkshire regional transit authority; provided further, that not less than $770,000 shall be provided to the Montachusett regional transit authority for a contract with Community Transit Services to ensure services shall not be reduced in fiscal year 2014; and provided further, that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Montachusett regional transit authority shall work in conjunction with Community Transit Services, Inc. and the town of Athol to phase out services not currently covered by the regional transit authority not later than July 1, 2014

                Commonwealth Transportation Fund ............... 100%
163,209,351 238,462,444

Veto Explanation:   I am striking language and reducing this item to ensure that the budget is in balance in light of the currently unresolved status of separate legislation raising revenue to support transportation and other budget needs (House Bill 3535).