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Budget Summary FY2014

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Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account  FY2014
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 2,249,742 2,249,770 2,249,522 2,249,593
Direct Appropriations
Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General 9,2719,2949,2719,294
Financial Literacy Programs 8410085100
Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission 2,3252,2312,3252,231
Alcoholic Beverages Cntr Comm. Investigation & Enforcement 1491500150
Financial Institution Fees 220220
Welcome Home Bill Bonus Payments 2,7772,8042,8042,804
Bonus Payments to War Veterans 44454545
Public Safety Employees Line of Duty Death Benefits 200300100100
Accelerated Bridge Program 56,25056,25056,25056,250
Consolidated Long-Term Debt Service 2,006,1922,006,1921,984,1922,006,192
Central Artery Tunnel Debt Service 116,227116,227116,227116,227
Short Term Debt Service and Costs of Issuance 30,46630,46630,46630,466
Grant Anticipation Notes Debt Service 5,5055,5055,5055,505
Retained Revenues
Alcohol Beverages Control Commission Grant 231209232232
Revenue Anticipation Notes Premium Debt Service 20,00020,00020,00020,000
Long Term Debt Service RR 0022,0000
Intragovernmental Service Spending6,218 6,218 6,218 6,218
Agency Debt Service Programs 6,2186,2186,2186,218
Trust and Other Spending * 726,275 0 0 0
A Hero's Welcome Trust Fund 4000
WPA Administrative Expendable Trust 648000
Commonwealth Covenant Fund 100000
Victims of Drunk Driving 27000
Asian American Commission Expendable Trust 7000
School Modernization and Reconstruction 116,728000
State Board of Retirement Administration 773000
State Board of Retirement-Capital 440000
Martin H. McNamara Annuity Trust 3000
State Retirement Board Pension Fund 331,690000
State Employees Annuities Fund Balance 85,406000
Build America Bonds Subsidy Trust Fund 11,899000
Abandoned Property 1,287000
Discount on Sale of Bonds - Government Land Bank Fund 3,401000
Debt Service Expenses 18,159000
MBTA State and Local Contribution Payment 155,704000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.