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Budget Summary FY2014

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Department of Environmental Protection
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account  FY2014
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 60,666 53,929 56,200 56,463
Direct Appropriations
Department of Environmental Protection Administration 27,87228,10428,12228,354
Recycling and Solid Waste Master Plan Operations 4,375475375375
Compliance and Permitting 2,5052,5002,5002,500
Clean Air Act 845841845841
Clean Air Act Operating Permit and Compliance Program 1,5011,4901,5011,490
Safe Drinking Water Act 1,5021,4271,4851,485
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Program 14,19913,85413,51113,611
Brownfields Site Audit Program 1,2021,1501,1951,150
Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup 393384393384
Retained Revenues
Wetlands Permitting Fee Retained Revenue 650650650650
Compliance and Permitting Fee Retained Revenue 2,50002,5002,500
Toxics Use Retained Revenue 3,1213,0533,1213,121
Federal Grant Spending27,409 27,409 27,409 27,409
Water Quality Management Planning 649649649649
Cooperative Agreement Leaking 973973973973
Department of Defense Environmental 1,3221,3221,3221,322
Superfund Block Grant 879879879879
Brownfield's Assessment Program Multi-Site Co-op Agreements 225225225225
Brownfields Response 1,1521,1521,1521,152
Performance Partnership Grant 18,86118,86118,86118,861
Techical Assistance and Training for Drinking Water 8888
3% Set Aside Admin 44444444
Public Water Supply Supervision Grant 34343434
Clean Air Act Section 103 710710710710
Ambient Air Toxics Pilot Project 57575757
Homeland Security Co-Op Agreement 1,4111,4111,4111,411
Air Pollution Spatial Trends 20202020
Diesel Emmissions Reduction Project 146146146146
Underground Storage Program 664664664664
Green House Gas Reporting System 71717171
Massachusetts Clean Diesel 82828282
Airport Lead Ambient 12121212
Near Road No.2 Ambient Air Monitoring Network 89898989
Trust and Other Spending * 24,439 0 0 0
Special Projects Permit/Oversight Fund 3,000000
Mercury Management Act Expendable Trust 25000
Water Pollution Abatement Depart. of Environmental Protection 2,000000
Oil Spill Permitting 700000
Springfield Materials Recycling Facility - 1990-95 Residual Re 200000
Department of Environmental Protection - DB Companies Inc. Exp 10000
Energy Demand Reduction Program Trust Fund 200000
USGen of New England Inc. 50000
Boston Junk Expendable Trust 12000
Sustainable Materials Recovery Program Expendable Trust 2,300000
Motors Liquidating Company fka General Motors Corp 50000
Natural Resource Damages Trust 700000
Administration of Federal Funds 4,154000
Federal Water Pollution Abatement 2,451000
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund - Administration Trust 7,121000
Southern States Energy Board 5000
Tewksbury Industries Inc. Expendable Trust Superior Court Civi 30000
Bedford Harbor Expendable Trust 50000
Route 3 North Design/Build Expendable Trust 15000
General Electric Expendable Trust 100000
Northeast Energy Associates Expendable Trust 3000
Tronox Incorporated Expendable Trust 50000
Katrina Properties Inc. 25000
Naval Air Station 1000
Starmet Drum Removal 50000
LUST Cost Recovery Expendable Trust 2000
51 Old Ferry Road Trust 5000
Silresim Superfund Lowell Operation and Maintenance Consent De 800000
Silresim Superfund Lowell Replacement Costs Consent Decree 50000
Charles George Tyngsborough Response Costs Consent Decree 200000
Fort Devens Expendable Trust 81000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.