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Budget Summary FY2014

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Department of Unemployment Assistance
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account  FY2014
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 42,071 38,461 40,794 42,390
Direct Appropriations
Summer Jobs Program for At Risk Youth 10,0005,0009,0009,000
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development 814810810810
Labor and Workforce Development IT Costs 301270289280
Department of Labor Standards 2,0452,0192,0352,035
Department of Industrial Accidents 19,52219,44319,52219,522
Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership 1,5752,0001,0002,000
One Stop Career Centers 4,4944,4944,4944,494
Department of Labor Relations 2,0151,9862,0152,095
Massachusetts Service Alliance 7501,9001,0751,600
Retained Revenues
Asbestos Deleading EA Services 453439453453
Arbitration and Mediation Retained Revenue 100100100100
Intragovernmental Service Spending19,041 19,041 19,041 19,041
Chargeback for Labor and Workforce Development IT Costs 19,04119,04119,04119,041
Federal Grant Spending178,166 178,166 179,581 180,076
Mine Safety and Health Training 005151
Department of Employment and Training Administrative Clearing 9,7199,7199,2259,719
Unemployment Insurance Administration 71,33171,33171,33171,331
Employment Services State Allotment 30,35030,35030,35030,350
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program 1,2901,2901,2901,290
Local Veterans Employment Program 1,6921,6921,6921,692
Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics 2,2442,2442,2442,244
Trade Adjustment Assistance 12,24812,24812,24812,248
Adult Activities-Workforce Investment Act Title I 12,95012,95012,95012,950
Youth Formula Grants-Workforce Investment Act Title I 15,54015,54015,54015,540
Dislocated Workers-Workforce Investment Act Title I 33333333
Workforce Data Quality Initiative 00175175
Workforce Investment Act National Emergency Grants 001,0001,000
Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker Formula Grant 19,45719,45719,45719,457
Bureau of Labor and Statistics Statistical Survey 006363
Adult Blood Lead Levels Surveillance 001919
Asbestos Licensing & Monitoring 00147147
Lead Licensing & Monitoring 00377377
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Data Collection 007777
OSHA Onsite Consultation Program 1,3121,3121,3121,312
Trust and Other Spending * 870,504 0 0 0
Apprentice Training Identification Cards 25000
Division of Apprentice Training Expendable Trust 59000
Workforce Competitiveness Trust 38000
Unemployment Health Insurance Contribution 46,813000
Workforce Training Trust Fund 19,437000
Massachusetts Industrial Accident 24,000000
General Industrial Accident Fund 62,779000
Impartial Medical Examination 2,080000
Unemployment Comp Contingent Fund 12,458000
Payments to Director of Employment 700,905000
Universal Health Insurance Collections 1,532000
Trade and NAFTA Unemployment Benefits 378000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.