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Budget Summary FY2014

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82000200 - Municipal Police Training Committee
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account Description FY2013
8200-0200 Municipal Police Training Committee
For the operation of veteran, reserve and in-service training programs conducted by the municipal police training committee; provided, that under no circumstances shall any expenditures authorized by this item be charged to item 8200-0222; provided further, that towns in Worcester County hosting municipal police training academies shall not receive less than the amount appropriated in section 2 of chapter 68 of the acts of 2011; provided further, that the municipal police training committee shall review and report on its current training curriculum and course of instruction on handling complaints from or against persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities; provided further, that the review and report shall be conducted in consultation with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts and other groups and individuals having an interest and expertise in the field of mental health and community-based treatment and shall include recommendations to improve, expand and implement such training; provided further, that the report shall be filed with the clerks of the senate and house of representatives and the senate and house chairs of the joint committee on public safety and homeland security not later than December 1, 2013; provided further, that the department shall expend no less than $250,000 on the Executive Series for Municipal Police Chiefs; and provided further, that no expenditures authorized by this item shall be charged to item 8200-0222
2,475,378 3,287,968