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70660025 - Performance Management Set Aside
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

Account Description FY2013
7066-0025 Performance Management Set Aside
For the Performance Management Set Aside incentive program for the University of Massachusetts, the state universities and the community colleges; provided, that these funds shall be distributed by the commissioner of higher education to public institutions of higher education through a competitive grant process based on priorities determined by the department of higher education in pursuit of operational efficiency and goals articulated in the commonwealth's Vision Project; provided further, that priorities may include support of workforce programs that train students for high-quality employment and outreach programs that work to engage surrounding communities with high-quality educational programs; provided further, that in fiscal year 2014, not less than $5,000,000 shall be used to support initiatives in the community colleges to promote higher completion rates of degree and certificate programs, promote the adoption of a standard core of course offering and numbering that are honored for common credit toward degrees and certificates across the commonwealth's community colleges, state universities and University of Massachusetts campuses and promote consolidation and coordination of the administration function and procurements across the community colleges; provided further, that the department of higher education shall file a report with the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than January 28, 2014, detailing campuses receiving funds through this item and the criteria used to award funds; and provided further, that for the purposes of this item, appropriated funds may be expended through August 31, 2014
                Community College Fund ............... 66.67%
                General Fund ............... 33.33%
6,031,957 7,500,000