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Superintendent Responsible for State House Only

SECTION 192.   (a) Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, this section shall facilitate the orderly transfer of employees, proceedings, rules and regulations, property and legal obligations from the bureau of state office buildings, as the transferor agency, to the division of capital asset management and maintenance, as the transferee agency; provided however, employees holding the positions of state house ADA coordinator and art collections manager at the time of the transfer shall be employees of the bureau of the state house, under section 1 of chapter 8.

(b) To the extent that employees of the transferor agency, including those who hold permanent appointment in positions classified under chapter 31 of the General Laws or have tenure in their positions as provided by section 9A of chapter 30 of the General Laws or do not hold such tenure, or hold confidential positions, are transferred to the respective transferee agency, such transfers shall be effected without interruption of service within the meaning of said section 9A of said chapter 30 without impairment of seniority, retirement or other rights of the employee and without reduction in compensation or salary grade, notwithstanding any change in title or duties resulting from such reorganization, and without loss of accrued rights to holidays, sick leave, vacation and benefits, and without change in union representation or certified collective bargaining unit as certified by the state division of labor relations or in local union representation or affiliation. Any collective bargaining agreement in effect immediately before the transfer date shall continue in effect and the terms and conditions of employment therein shall continue as if the employees had not been so transferred. The reorganization shall not impair the civil service status of any such reassigned employee who immediately before the effective date of this section either holds a permanent appointment in a position classified under said chapter 31 or has tenure in a position by reason of said section 9A of said chapter 30.

Notwithstanding any other general or special law to the contrary, all such employees shall continue to retain their right to collectively bargain under chapter 150E of the General Laws and shall be considered employees for the purposes of said chapter 150E.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to confer upon any employee any right not held immediately before the date of the transfer or to prohibit any reduction of salary grade, transfer, reassignment, suspension, discharge, layoff or abolition of position not prohibited before such date.

(c) All petitions, requests, investigations and other proceedings appropriately and duly brought before the transferor agency or duly begun by the transferor agency and pending before it before the effective date of this section, shall continue unabated and remain in force, but shall be assumed and completed by the transferee agency.

(d) All orders, rules and regulations duly made and all approvals duly granted by the transferor agency, which are in force immediately before the effective date of this section, shall continue in force and shall thereafter be enforced until superseded, revised, rescinded or canceled, in accordance with law, by the transferee agency.

(e) All books, papers, records, documents, equipment, buildings, facilities, cash and other property, both personal and real, including all such property held in trust, which immediately before the effective date of this section are in the custody of the transferor agency shall be transferred to the transferee agency; provided, however, property related to the operation and maintenance of the state house including, but not limited to, the community crew transportation vehicle shall not be transferred.

(f) All duly existing contracts, leases and obligations of the transferor agency shall continue in effect but shall be assumed by the transferee agency. No existing right or remedy of any character shall be lost, impaired or affected by this section.