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Superintendent Responsible for State House Only

SECTION 16.   Said chapter 8 is hereby further amended by striking out section 9A, as appearing in the 2010 Official Edition, and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

Section 9A. The superintendent of the state house shall establish and charge a fee or service charge to nongovernmental individuals, entities and groups using the state house for meetings, receptions or exhibits, which may be reduced at the discretion of the superintendent. The superintendent or a designee shall establish such fee or charge based upon the actual cost of use, including personnel, requests for security, preparation, equipment replacement, cleanup, utilities used and compensation for wear on the building. The superintendent, or a designee may, in the superintendent's discretion, require a nongovernment entity to enter into a written agreement indemnifying the commonwealth against any claims for casualty liability and may require the posting of an insurance bond. All monies received by the superintendent under this section shall be by check made payable to and deposited in the State House Special Event Fund, as established in section 35P of chapter 10; provided, however, that the superintendent may retain funds to be expended after consultation with the committee on rules of the 2 branches, acting concurrently, for restoration, equipment repair and replacement and educational and cultural programs and tours at the state house.