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Organization Chart


The mission of the Division of Professional Licensure is to protect the public's health, safety and welfare by licensing qualified individuals who provide services to consumers and by fair and consistent enforcement of the statutes and regulations of the boards of registration.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 112 S. 1-236
Registration of Certain Professions and Occupations
MGL C. 142 S. 1-22
Plumbers and Gas Fitters
MGL C. 13 S. 98-99
Board of Registration of Massage Therapy
MGL C. 141 S. 1-10
Supervision of Electricians
MGL C. 13 S. 101-102
Licensing of Sheet Metal Workers
MGL C. 94C S. 9B
Administering and dispensing of controlled substance in course of professional practice
MGL C. 272 S. 801/2
Devocalization of dogs or cats
MGL C. 13 S. 80-84
Board of registration of social workers
MGL C. 13 S. 33-35
Board of public accountancy; membership; appointment; terms; removal


236 CMR 2
To insure the proper management, operation and maintenance of public water supply systems
236 CMR 4
Certification of Operators of Public Water Systems
248 CMR 11
Education and Experience Standards and Requirements for Licensure
264 CMR 1-2
Rules and Regulations Governing Real Estate Appraisers
271 CMR 2-9
Rules and Regulations Governing Sheet Metal Workers