Department of Revenue

Account  FY2013
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 1,060,963 1,117,576 1,126,451 1,125,186
Direct Appropriations
Department of Revenue 83,16482,72087,67087,225
Child Support Enforcement Division 35,53734,53735,38035,380
Expert Witnesses and their Expenses 002,0002,000
For the Rate Relief Component of the 05000500
Underground Storage Tank Reimbursements 20,00013,00013,00013,000
Underground Storage Tank Administrative Review Board 2,0881,7802,1051,805
Tax Abatements for Veterans Widows Blind Persons and the Elder 25,43625,30125,03825,038
Unrestricted General Government Local Aid 833,980898,980900,000898,980
Reimbursement to Cities in Lieu of Taxes on State Owned Land 26,27026,27026,27026,270
40 S Payments 00500500
Retained Revenues
Additional Auditors Retained Revenue 27,94027,94027,94027,940
Child Support Enforcement Federally Reimbursed Retained Revenue 6,5476,5476,5476,547
Federal Grant Spending324 324 324 324
Access and Visitation - Parent Education Program 222222222222
Family Centered Services for Unwed Parents in the IV-D Caseload 102102102102
Trust and Other Spending * 73,337 232 232 232
Higher Education Student Loan Offset Fund 50000
Massachusetts United States Olympic Fund 77000
Tax Collection Services Agreement 1,474000
Lawrence Overseer Expendable Trust 19000
Child Support Enforcement Revolving Fund 22,376000
Implementation of Health Care Reform Bill Expendable Trust 15000
Child Support Enforcement Trust Fund 11,370000
Child Support IV-D 232232232232
Retained Tax Intercept Fees 476000
Internal Revenue Service Tax Intercept Fees 50000
Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund 26,375000
Clearinghouse Expendable Trust 377000
Child Support Penalties Account 10,402000
Division of Local Services Educational Programs 43000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.