70100012 - Programs to Eliminate Racial Imbalance - METCO

Account Description FY2012
7010-0012 Programs to Eliminate Racial Imbalance - METCO
For grants to cities, towns and regional school districts for payments of certain costs and related expenses for the program to eliminate racial imbalance established under section 12A of chapter 76 of the General Laws; provided, that funds shall be made available for payment for services rendered by METCO, Inc. and Springfield public schools; provided further, that all grant applications submitted to and approved by the department of elementary and secondary education shall include a detailed line item budget specifying how such funds shall be allocated and expended; provided further, that the secretary of education shall report, no later than July 1, 2013 to the house and senate committees on ways and means on student achievement growth by METCO students relative to their peers in both sending and receiving districts and on the academic success of former METCO students who attended 2 and 4 year public colleges and universities in the commonwealth relative to their peers from both sending and receiving districts at said public institutions of higher education, including enrollment in remedial coursework, grade point averages, and college graduation rates; provided further, that the subject of the report shall be the graduating class of 2012 and other grade levels for which data are available; and provided further, that METCO, Inc., shall make available to the secretary of education information necessary to complete said report
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