70031206 - Mass Service Alliance

Account Description FY2012
7003-1206 Mass Service Alliance
For the Massachusetts Service Alliance to administer State Service Corps grants and provide training and support to volunteer and service organizations; provided, that not less than $250,000 shall be expended for the New England Farm Workers Council; provided further, that the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts shall receive 50 per cent of the amount appropriated in chapter 68 of the acts of 2011 and that the remainder of said amount be expended for the Urban League of Springfield; and provided further, that not less than $25,000 shall be expended for programs supporting and promoting cultural heritage diversity, and education in the city of Boston that were in item 7007-0900 of chapter 182 of the acts of 2008; provided further, that no less than $100,000 shall be provided for financial support of the Latino Chamber of Commerce
0 1,625,000