59202000 - Community Residential Services for the Developmentally Disabled

Account Description FY2012
5920-2000 Community Residential Services for the Developmentally Disabled
For vendor-operated, community-based residential adult services, including intensive individual supports; provided, that annualized funding shall be expended for turning 22 clients who began receiving the services in fiscal year 2012 pursuant to item 5920-5000 of section 2 of chapter 131 of the acts of 2010; provided further, that funds from this item shall be used for court monitor costs in compliance with the terms of the Rolland settlement agreement, dated June 16, 2008, Civil Action No. 98-30208-KPN, filed in the United States District Court Massachusetts in order to provide active services for class members; provided further, that the commissioner of the department of developmental services shall transfer funds from this item to item 5920-2010, as necessary, pursuant to an allocation plan, which shall detail, by object class, the distribution of said funds to be transferred and which the commissioner shall file with the house and senate committees on ways and means 30 days before any such transfer; and provided further, that not more than $5,000,000 shall be transferred from this item in fiscal year 2013
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