45100716 - Academic Detailing Program

Account Description FY2012
4510-0716 Academic Detailing Program
For the operation of an evidenced-based outreach and education program designed to provide information and education on the therapeutic and cost-effective utilization of prescription drugs to physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals authorized to prescribe and dispense prescription drugs; provided, that the department of public health shall work with MassHealth to obtain access to aggregated prescription data by provider on an ongoing basis for the use of the evidence-based outreach and education program; provided further, that not later than October 1, 2012, the department of public health, in conjunction with the executive office of health and human services, shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means on data sharing capacity obstacles that are preventing this program from effective outreach; and provided further, that funds shall be set aside from this appropriation for the purposes of program evaluation assessing the effectiveness and cost-savings associated with this program
93,000 500,000