45100600 - Environmental Health Assessment and Compliance

Account Description FY2012
4510-0600 Environmental Health Assessment and Compliance
For an environmental and community health hazards program, including control of radiation and nuclear hazards, consumer products protection, food and drugs, lead poisoning prevention under chapter 482 of the acts of 1993, lead-based paint inspections in day care facilities, inspection of radiological facilities, licensing of x-ray technologists and the administration of the bureau of environmental health assessment under chapter 111F of the General Laws; provided, that the department shall file a report with the house and senate committees on ways and means, the joint committee on public health and the joint committee on health care financing on the status of local health inspections of food establishments, consistent with the department of public health food safety regulations and a report on the current waiting list for indoor air inspections on or before October 3, 2012; and provided further, that $150,000 shall be expended for a comprehensive study of the exposure routes and patterns of contaminants in the Maple Meadowbrook Aquifer migrating to and affecting the Wilmington drinking water supply and the incidence of childhood cancer in the town of Wilmington
3,205,454 3,386,819