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Outside Section 89
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

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Out-of-District Vocational Technical School Tuition Payments

SECTION 89.   Section 7C of said chapter 74, as so appearing, is hereby amended by striking out the first paragraph and inserting in place thereof the following paragraph:-

Notwithstanding section 27C of chapter 29 or any other general or special law to the contrary, for each nonresident student admitted to and attending an approved vocational school under section 7, the student's town of residence shall pay to the vocational school a tuition fee as determined by the commissioner; provided, however, that if the student's town of residence is a member of a regional vocational school district, the tuition fee shall be paid by the district. If the town or district defaults on payment, the town or district shall be liable therefor in contract to the vocational school. For the purposes of this section, no town or district shall be required to pay any portion of the tuition for a student enrolled in a post-secondary vocational program.