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Outside Section 25
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False Claims Act Sec. 5C - Seal

SECTION 25.   Said section 5C of said chapter 12, as so appearing, is hereby further amended by adding the following paragraph:-

(7) With respect to any federal, state or local government that is named as a co-plaintiff with the commonwealth in an action brought pursuant to sections 5B to 5O, inclusive, a seal on the action ordered by the court under paragraph (3) shall not preclude the commonwealth or the relator from serving the complaint, any other pleadings or the written disclosure of substantially all material evidence and information possessed by the relator on the law enforcement authorities that are authorized under the law of that federal, state or local government to investigate and prosecute such actions on behalf of such governments, except that such seal shall apply to the law enforcement authorities so served to the same extent as the seal applies to other parties in the action.