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Outside Section 211
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

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Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

SECTION 211.   Notwithstanding subsection (g) section 3 of chapter 152 of the acts of, in addition to the construction and development of an expansion to the hotel located in the northeast corner of the convention center development area, as defined in said chapter 152, not more than 7 additional hotels may be constructed and developed within a BCEC Hotel Zone within the city of Boston. The BCEC Hotel Zone shall include the portion of the convention center finance district located south of Summer street and east of a boundary established by West Service road from Summer street to the intersection with Wormwood street, north of Wormwood street from such intersection to the intersection of Wormwood street and the South Boston Bypass road, and east of the South Boston Bypass road from such intersection to the intersection of the South Boston Bypass road and West First street, as such streets are depicted in Exhibit I, Buildout Plan, of the Boston Redevelopment Authority Master Plan for Planned Development Area number 69, South Boston, dated January 10, 2007; provided that (i) such hotels shall include not more than a total of 2,700 rooms, including not more than 1 additional headquarters hotel, so called, with not more than 1,200 rooms; and (ii) the developer or operator of each such hotel shall enter into a contract with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority with provisions regarding the cooperative marketing, pricing and use of such hotels to encourage the use of the Boston convention and exhibition center and incorporating community input from the neighborhoods surrounding the BCEC Hotel Zone.