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Budget Summary FY2013

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Department of Public Utilities
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

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The Department of Public Utilities is responsible for oversight of investor-owned electric power, natural gas and water utilities in the Commonwealth; developing alternatives to traditional regulation; monitoring service quality; regulating safety in the transportation and gas pipeline areas; and for the siting of energy facilities. The mission of the Department is to ensure that utility consumers are provided with the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost; to protect the public safety from transportation and gas pipeline related accidents; to oversee the energy facilities siting process; and to ensure that residential ratepayers' rights are protected.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 25 S. 1-20
Department of Public Utilities
MGL C. 159 S. 1-105
Common Carriers
MGL C. 159A S. 1-32
Common Carriers of Passengers by Motor Vehicle
MGL C. 159B S. 1-22
Carriers of Property by Motor Vehicle
MGL C. 160 S. 1-252
MGL C. 161 S. 1-161
Street Railways
MGL C. 161A S. 3(I);39
MGL C. 162 S. 1-18
Electric Railroads
MGL C. 163 S. 1-12
Trackless Trolley Companies
MGL C. 164 S. 1-137
Manufacture and Sale of Gas and Electricity
MGL C. 164A S. 1-27
New England Power Pool
MGL C. 165 S. 1-27
Water and Aqueduct Companies
MGL C. 82 S. 40-40E
Dig Safe Law
MGL C. 166 S. 21-44
Telephone & Telegraph Companies and lines for the transmission of data sections applicable to the DPU


220 CMR
Department of Telecommunications and Energy
980 CMR
Energy Facilities Siting Board