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Budget Summary FY2013

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70096402 - Gateway Cities Career Academies
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

Account Description FY2012
7009-6402 Gateway Cities Career Academies
For grants to support the establishment of career academies in gateway cities, and to build stronger relationships and partnerships among high schools, institutions of higher education, local employers and workforce development entities, in order to create multiple and seamless pathways to employment; provided, such funds shall be used to establish Education and Industry Coordinating Councils, or EICCs; provided further, that the EICCs shall be chaired by the district superintendent and chair of the local workforce investment boards, and shall include representatives from district high schools, institutions of higher education, industry partners and local or regional employers; provided further, that funding shall be used to engage in planning to establish career academies or to plan for the establishment of such academies during the following fiscal year; provided further, that grants shall be issued no later than December 14, 2012 to allow for adequate planning time; provided further, that the executive office of education shall issue a report to the house and senate committees on ways and means and the joint committee on education not later than December 31, 2012, detailing: (i) successful grant applications; and (ii) a set of clearly defined goals and benchmarks on which grant recipients will be evaluated; and provided further, that funds may be expended through August 31, 2013 to allow for summer programming
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