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Budget Summary FY2013

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45900250 - School-Based Health Programs
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

Account Description FY2012
4590-0250 School-Based Health Programs
For school health services and school-based health centers in public and non-public schools; provided, that services shall include, but not be limited to: (i) strengthening the infrastructure of school health services in the areas of personnel and policy development, programming and interdisciplinary collaboration; (ii) developing linkages between school health services programs and community health providers; (iii) incorporating health education programs, including tobacco prevention and cessation activities, in school curricula and in the provision of school-based health services; and (iv) incorporating obesity prevention programs, including nutrition and wellness programs, in school curricula to address the nutrition and lifestyle habits needed for healthy development; provided further, that the services shall meet standards and eligibility guidelines established by the department in consultation with the department of elementary and secondary education; provided further, that funds shall be expended for school nurses and school-based health center programs; provided further, that funds may be expended to address the recommendations of the permanent commission on gay and lesbian youth, established in section 67 of chapter 3 of the General Laws, for the reduction of health disparities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth; provided further, that not less than $200,000 shall be expended for the Massachusetts Model of Community Coalitions; provided further, that the department shall conduct a study on the installation of automatic external defibrillators in all public schools of the commonwealth and the establishment of a grant program based on the financial need of the school or school district; and provided further, that the department shall report the results of its analysis not later than October 1, 2012
11,597,967 11,597,967