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Budget Summary FY2013

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40000300 - EOHHS and MassHealth Administration
Data Current as of:  7/7/2012

Account Description FY2012
4000-0300 EOHHS and MassHealth Administration
For the operation of the executive office of health and human services, including the operation of the managed care oversight board; provided, that the executive office shall provide technical and administrative assistance to agencies under the purview of the secretariat receiving federal funds; provided further, that the executive office and its agencies, when contracting for services on the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, shall take into consideration the increased costs associated with the provision of goods, services and housing on said islands; provided further, that the executive office shall ensure that any collaborative assessments for children receiving services from multiple agencies within the secretariat shall be performed within existing resources; provided further, that funds appropriated in this item shall be expended for administrative and contracted services related to the implementation and operation of programs authorized by chapter 118E of the General Laws; provided further, that in consultation with the division of health care finance and policy, no rate increase shall be provided to existing Medicaid provider rates without taking all measures possible under Title XIX of the Social Security Act to ensure that rates of payment to providers do not exceed the rates that are necessary to meet only those costs which must be incurred by efficiently and economically operated providers in order to provide services of adequate quality; provided further, that funds may be expended for the operation of the office of health equity within the executive office of health and human services; provided further, that no expenditures shall be made that are not federally reimbursable, including those related to Titles XIX or XXI of the Social Security Act or the MassHealth demonstration waiver approved under section 1115(a) of said Social Security Act or the community first section 1115 demonstration waiver, whether made by the executive office or another commonwealth entity, except as required for: (i) the equivalent of MassHealth Standard benefits for children under age 21 who are in the care or custody of the department of youth services or the department of children and families; (ii) dental benefits provided to clients of the department of developmental services who are age 21 or over; or (iii) cost containment efforts the purposes and amounts of which have been submitted to the executive office for administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means 30 days prior to making these expenditures; provided further, that in calculating rates of payment for children enrolled in MassHealth receiving inpatient services at acute care pediatric hospitals as defined in section 1 of chapter 118G of the General Laws, the executive office shall make a supplemental payment, if necessary, sufficient to assure that inpatient SPAD and outlier payments for discharges with a case mix acuity equal to or greater than 5 shall be at least equal to 85 per cent of the expenses incurred in providing services to those children; provided further, that the executive office of health and human services may continue to recover provider overpayments made in the current and prior fiscal years through the Medicaid management information system, and that these recoveries shall be considered current fiscal year expenditure refunds; provided further, that funds shall be provided in an amount not less than the total appropriated in item 1599-2009 in section 2 of chapter 182 of the acts of 2008; provided further, that the executive office may collect directly from a liable third party any amounts paid to contracted providers under chapter 118E of the General Laws for which the executive office later discovers another third party is liable if no other course of recoupment is possible; provided further, that no funds shall be expended for interpretive services directly or indirectly related to a settlement or resolution agreement with the office of civil rights or any other office, group or entity; provided further, that interpretive services currently provided shall not give rise to enforceable legal rights for any party or to an enforceable entitlement to interpretive services; provided further, that the executive office shall maintain the fiscal year 2012 overall reimbursement rate for the commonwealth's only medical respite program for the homeless; provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the executive office shall require the commissioner of mental health to approve any prior authorization or other restriction on medication used to treat mental illness in accordance with written policies, procedures and regulations of the department of mental health; provided further, that not later than January 18, 2013 the executive office of health and human services shall submit a report to the house and senate committees on ways and means detailing the methodology used to project caseload and utilization in fiscal year 2012 and fiscal year 2013; provided further, that funds shall be expended to support the functions of the office of performance management in carrying out the executive order known as "Improving the Performance of State Government by Implementing a Comprehensive Strategic Planning and Performance Management Framework in the Executive Departments"; provided further, that any projection of deficiency in item 4000-0430, 4000-0500, 4000-0600, 4000-0700, 4000-0870, 4000-0875, 4000-0880, 4000-0890, 4000-0895, 4000-0950, 4000-0990, 4000-1400 or 4000-1405 shall be reported to the house and senate committees on ways and means not less than 90 days before the projected exhaustion of funding; provided further, that any unexpended balance in these accounts shall revert to the General Fund on June 30, 2013; provided further, that for purposes of long-term health care cost savings and enhanced patient care, the commonwealth may recognize telehealth remote patient monitoring provided by home health agencies as a service to clients otherwise reimbursable through Medicaid; and provided further, that the funds authorized herein may be short-term reimbursement made through MassHealth
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