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Cape Cod Build-Out and Wastewater Cost Analysis

SECTION 187.   Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, subject to appropriation, the Cape Cod Commission or its designee, with assistance from the Cape Cod public water purveyors and local assessors, shall compile relevant land use data in each town and water usage in Cape Cod area water districts.

These data shall be used by the Cape Cod Commission or its designee to conduct a build-out analysis for Cape Cod for the purposes of, but not limited to: (i) identifying opportunities to save an estimated $2,000,000,000 to provide wastewater treatment for existing development by pursuing regional wastewater treatment solutions; (ii) identifying high density development in nitrogen-sensitive watersheds that cross town boundaries to provide an opportunity to develop multi-town infrastructure resulting in savings to taxpayers to be in compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency; and (iii) identifying the costs of providing wastewater treatment for new growth, under different growth scenarios, and provide decision makers with the tools to make informed decisions about the cost of promoting new growth in various locations. Such analysis shall be eligible to receive funds from the commonwealth provided any such funds are matched with local funds.

Results of the analysis shall be made public and shall provide a model for communities to pursue regional wastewater options that satisfy environmental regulatory requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner.