17750100 - Operational Services Division

Account Description FY2011
1775-0100 Operational Services Division
For the operation of the operational services division; provided, that the division shall expend funds for the purpose of achieving savings pursuant to this act; provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the operational services division, which under section 22N of chapter 7 of the General Laws is responsible for determining prices for programs under chapter 71B of the General Laws, shall set the prices in fiscal year 2012 by increasing the final fiscal year 2011 price by the rate of inflation as determined by the division; provided further, that the division shall also adjust prices for Extraordinary Relief, as defined in 808 CMR 1.06(4); provided further, that the department shall accept application for Program Reconstruction in fiscal year 2012; provided further, that upon the request of a program, the operational services division shall authorize a minimum price for the program to charge out-of-state purchasers; and provided further, that the division shall determine the minimum price for out-of-state purchasers by identifying the most recent price calculated for the program and applying the estimated rates of inflation which are established by December 1 of each year pursuant to section 22N of chapter 7 of the General Laws in a compounded manner for each fiscal year following the most recent calculated price
502,970 200,000