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Outside Section 86
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Solid Waste Site Assignemnt - DEP Transfer Stations

SECTION 86.   Said section 150A of said chapter 111 is hereby amended by striking out the ninth and tenth paragraphs, inserted by section 66 of said chapter 131, and inserting in place thereof the following 2 paragraphs:-

No facility shall be established, constructed, expanded, maintained, operated or devoted to any past closure as defined by regulation unless detailed operating plans, specifications, any public health reports and necessary environmental reports have been submitted to the department, the department has granted a permit for the facility and notice of the permit is recorded in the registry of deeds, or if the land affected thereby is registered land in the registry section of the land court for the district wherein the land lies. Within 120 days after the department is satisfied that the operating plans, specifications and reports are complete, the department shall make a decision granting or refusing to grant a permit. The permit may limit or prohibit the disposal of particular types of solid waste at a facility in order to protect the public health, promote reuse, waste reduction and recycling, extend the useful life of the facility, or reduce its environmental impact.

Every decision by the department granting or refusing to grant a permit shall be in writing and shall contain findings with regard to criteria established by the department. Any person aggrieved by the action of the department in granting or refusing to grant a permit may appeal that decision under section 14 of chapter 30A. For the limited purposes of any such appeal, the department action shall be deemed to be a final decision in an adjudicatory proceeding.